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Wood Meets Wire

" Wood Meets Wire is literally the shining city on the hill when it comes to violin playing. Cobb's artistry and mastery of the violin shine through so much that you almost don't notice the fumbling cello player hacking away on the lower part".
     -Cobin Stepherson, Lower eastern Round Rock daily herald

"Yet again Cobb rescues another wayward cellist from the depths of mediocrity with what can only be described as divine inspiration pouring out of his f holes straight into our hearts".
    - Stephanie Boc, talent director, lower eastern Round Rock community center

"Although the violin is significantly smaller than the cello, whenever I see WMW on stage I don't even know (or care) that there is a cello up on stage at all".                                   

     -Cindy Caravel, President WMW fan club( lower eastern Round Rock chapter)

"Michael Ross must have been a saint in another life to build up enough karma  to have an artist of Cobb's caliber grace his what can only be described as second rate cello playing with the pure aural ectasy that oozes off of Cobb's violin like nectar out of a fresh picked flower".

     - Janet Cobstanovich, lower eastern Round Rock music critic and socialite

"They were pretty O.K., I guess, but when I got too close to the violinist OH GOD THE SMELL!!"
     - Scarlet Olfactory, greater Pflugerville musical luminary

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